What’s a scolius gene? Scoliosis is a genetic condition that causes the joints of the fingers and toes to turn out more or less like the hands of a robot.

Scolius, or scoliotic, is a gene that is present in the body that causes one or both fingers to turn into a different shape, and this shape is called a scoli (pronounced scuh-liss).

People with scolios can have abnormal fingers, feet, toes and/or joints that are shaped like a robot or a humanoid robot.

A few scolio patients have even been dubbed the “Robot Hand” and their hands are often referred to as “robot hands.”

The scolioles gene has been known about for more than a century, but the genetic disorder has never been properly diagnosed in humans.

People with the genetic condition often have scolias that are so long that they cannot be bent in two.

The scolia can cause a range of symptoms, from pain to swelling in the joints.

But unlike in humans, the symptoms can be treated.

The disease is more common in African-American males than in other ethnic groups, which has led to the development of a new genetic test that can help doctors diagnose the disorder.

A few scoli patients have also been dubbed “Robots Hand.”

A robotic hand, or robotic hand that can be bent like a human, is seen at a lab in the Netherlands.

Scolio can cause some of the same symptoms as other scoliotics, like pain and swelling in joints.

Robots hands, or robot hands, are often described as humanoid and sometimes resemble a robotic version of an animal.

Scolios have also caused the development in some people of a very rare condition called spinal cord palsy, a disorder that involves the loss of nerves in the spinal cord, the brain and the muscles of the body.

It can cause problems such as paralysis, blindness, cognitive impairment and loss of sense of smell.

Many people with scoli have been dubbed by doctors “robots hands.”

Robot hands, often referred by doctors as “Robotics Hands,” are often used to identify people with the disorder, and the robots hands are sometimes called the “robo-hands.”

The genetic disorder is called scolium scolifluidum, or SCOLI, and affects a single gene called SCOL2.

The genetic condition is known as scoliorgia scoliformum or SCO, and has a range in appearance from small to large.

Scoliorgenics are also known as spina bifida, or the bifid condition.

Scientists believe that the condition is caused by the loss or over-expression of the gene SCOL1.

People with SCO often experience pain in their hands and feet and have other problems including a lack of mobility and balance.

In many cases, scolitis is caused due to a genetic disorder that causes abnormal functioning of the joints in the fingers, toes, and/ or hands.

The SCOLIO gene has also been linked to a number of other conditions, including a condition called myotonic dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease.

The disorder, which affects about 1 in 100,000 people, is caused when the cells in a particular part of the nervous system (the spinal cord) die.


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