Why do you have to shave your head?

Hair color is one of the more controversial aspects of being a woman, and it can cause some people to lash out at others who disagree.

In a survey of over 300,000 women conducted by the Huffington Post, respondents overwhelmingly stated that hair color was the most important factor in their gender, but there was one woman who took issue with that statement.

The woman, who goes by the name “Lily” told Mashable that her hair was too dark, and that she thought the other woman who had the same hair color had “more hair.”

Lily’s response was so infuriating that she was forced to take to Twitter to explain her views.

Lily said that she has been told that I have more hair than others.

I don’t.

If you think that I did, then you haven’t been around.

You don’t understand my hair.

I grew it in a ponytail, which I didn’t wear.

My hair is straight and not curly.

I have curly hair, which is natural.

It’s natural.

But when you look at my hair, it’s all hair.

So why are you saying that I don,t have a curly hair?

I’m not.

I can tell you that I love my hair and I do not have any problem with other women having it, but when it comes to my hair color, I have the choice of what I wear.

I do.

So what you’re saying is that I should choose my own hair color?


I’m happy that I’m black, but I’m also happy with my hair because I love it.

Lise, who was not a participant in the survey, said that it was really hard for her to understand what her hair color really meant.

I know that some people do have curly, but it doesn’t define them as a person.

It is more of a trait.

I just thought that the other girl had hair that was not curly, and if I did have curly it would mean that she did not look like a woman.

Lise said she thought that other women had hair like hers, and she believed that they didn’t really care.

Lily said she had to explain this to others to try to get them to understand her hair choice.

The Huffington Post is currently in the process of revising its website for the 2019 edition.

According to the site’s website, they plan to include a discussion on gender identity and hair color.

If they do that, we can expect to see a new article on the topic.


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