When will we know if genetic engineering is working?

The genetic engineering industry has had a busy week.

On Thursday, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a final order that will allow companies to start testing gene-editing crops.

The new rule allows the Food and Chemical Safety Administration to start using the first crop, which is a maize variety called Lantana, to test gene-modification techniques for traits such as immunity and resistance. 

A year ago, the FDA approved the first genetic-engineering crop to use an experimental gene-silencing technology called N-terminal insertion.

The agency’s order on Thursday said that the company that developed the gene-Silencing Technology for the crop would be allowed to continue selling it as an agricultural biotechnology product.

The plant variety Lantna is a small-crop variety, about 2 inches in diameter and weighing about 5 pounds.

It has been a target of genetic engineering companies because it is genetically engineered to resist the use of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

Monsanto is a subsidiary of Dow AgroSciences.

Gene-modifying crops are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which can be grown in a variety of fields and contain DNA that can be inserted into the plant’s genome. 

The GM crop, known as a Bt crop, is produced by genetically modifying the plants’ DNA and inserting the DNA into the crop’s genome to produce a new crop. 

In the past, scientists have worked to engineer crops to resist herbicides that kill plants. 

Bt plants are less resistant to herbicides than conventional crops and are more tolerant to other herbicides, such as the herbicide Roundup, which has also been used on the GM crops. 

Critics of GM crops say the GM seeds are not as good as the conventional seeds because they have been genetically engineered. 

GM plants are also more likely to be used in the U.S. than conventional seeds. 

Scientists are working to develop a GM corn that will resist Roundup, and Monsanto and Dow are developing crops to combat algae.

The FDA order on Lantlaas approval comes a week after the USDA approved another GM crop called Genetically Engineered Chickens. 

Lantana is now available for commercial testing, according to the company. 

“We are thrilled to have the FDA issue its final order for the Genetically Engineering Chickens,” said Lisa Schatz, the chief scientist for Genetically Engined Chickens, in a statement. 

Schatz said that Lantaas gene-altering technology could allow other companies to test the GM crop’s resistance to herbicide and algae. 

Schnatz added that the gene silencing technology could be used to test other GM crops to see if they are more resistant to the herbicides and other chemicals. 

It is unclear if the FDA will allow the Genetic Engineering Chickes to be sold as a GMO product. 

On Thursday afternoon, the USDA’s website showed the FDA’s order for Genetic Engineered Chicks on the same page. 

While it did not specify what the Genes in Genetically Engineer Chickens was, the order states that the crop was tested for resistance to various herbicides. 

Read more about genetically engineering crops at FoxNews.com


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