How to get tested for psorabies

A genetic testing service is offering a genetic test to help people who have been diagnosed with psorias, but many people are not ready for it, and the service is now being criticised for being biased against people with the disease.

Genetic testing company GenealogyDNA has launched its website to help the public discover the genetic information of their relatives, friends and family.

In the past, people with psoriatic disease were referred to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) or the Medical Research Council, which were both closed down due to the disease in the 1980s.

Genetics expert Dr Peter Dye said: “There’s a lot of people in our country who are sick and they’re very sick, they have a problem, but they’ve got no way of accessing the information.”

It’s very rare to get the right information and we’re not seeing it in a lot on the NHS.

“A lot of these people have not got the right support and information to access the information and so people with genetic diseases are going to be very confused and they may think they’ve had a diagnosis.”

People who have had a genetic disorder can have the disease and the symptoms but there’s no way to find out if they have psoria.

“If you think you have psoriasis, there’s not much to find it out.”

The website allows people to compare their genealogy with that of other people, and compare their health with others to see if they’re on the right path.

It’s not just for those with psorsias, the website also lists relatives of those with the condition, but only those with their genetic information can take part.

Dr Dye told BBC News: “If you have someone with psoras, it’s not going to help them and the same applies to anyone else.”

“They’re not going the same as someone with a family history of psorosis and so it’s a very big problem and it’s also a very costly problem.”

This is the first time we’re going to start offering people the option to get a test, but we need to find people who are ready for that.

“The genetic testing will be free for a limited time and the site will close on 28 June.

A spokeswoman for Genealogy said: ‘We’re really excited to be able to offer a test that can help people in their search for answers and support.”

We know people with these conditions are often lonely and they don’t know what to do, so this is something we hope will help them find a way to connect with others in their community.

“The site will open at 12pm GMT on Wednesday and we’ll be launching it in several places around the UK by the end of the month.”

Dr Dyer said people with a genetic condition had to take time off work to attend meetings or appointments.

He added: “It’s really difficult for people with this condition and other conditions, particularly in the elderly, to be in the same room with people who don’t have this genetic disorder and who are able to communicate with them and to understand their feelings and their concerns.”

What’s particularly frustrating is that people have to leave their homes to get treatment and so they’re often forced to work and then go home, but then they’ve been on the phone and they’ve said they’ve lost it and they can’t come to a meeting.

“So it’s really a shame.”


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