How to identify and fix the genetic defects that are causing cancer in Indian albinos

By Niharika Agrawal, Associated PressIndia (AP) — The albinism gene is one of the most mysterious genes in the world, but it has been discovered to cause cancer in about 1 in 10 people with it.

Scientists have identified the gene as a common cancer-causing cause of the condition, which can be caused by a single copy of the gene or two or more copies.

Scientists also have identified a number of other genetic diseases that can be inherited from the mutation.

The genetic mutation that causes albinisms has been identified in about one in 10 Indian people with the gene.

Scientists say the mutation is found only in about 4% of the population.

It was found in about 40% of people with hereditary forms of albinistic disorders and about 10% of those with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer caused by the lymphatic vessels in the skin.

The Indian albino has one copy of chromosome 17, which has two copies of a single gene called DYS20.

Scientists believe that a single mutation of this gene causes the genetic defect that causes the disease.

The disease, which affects about 1% of all people in India, is called a form of alboplastoma.

A doctor at the Mysuru Institute of Medical Sciences in the Indian city of Chennai said that the albogen mutation is rare in the population and only about one or two people in the whole world have it.

He said that albinoma cases are usually the result of mutations in the other genes, such as BRCA1 and BRCP1, that also cause the disease, but only a few people are affected.

In India, about 1.5% of women and 4% to 6% of men have the mutation, but that is less than half the rate of cases of BRCa1 and CRC1, said Dr. Arvind Gupta, a geneticist and director of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

He said the mutation has been known to cause skin cancer in people who have inherited mutations that lead to a gene that produces a protein called tumor necrosis factor alpha.

The gene has a very high frequency in Indian men.IISh also found that the mutation causes cancer in 2.5 to 5% of cases in Indian women and 1% in Indian males, according to Dr. Gupta.

The research was conducted by researchers at IISc in collaboration with the Medical College of India, University of Mumbai.

The researchers studied samples from 10,000 people in various age groups, including infants, children, people over 60, and those with other medical conditions.

The researchers found that people with mutations in two of the three genes that cause albinomas have the highest rates of the genetic disorder, said J.D. Khandelwal, an Indian alBioplastoma Research Group (IBPRAG) scientist at IITs Hyderabad.

Khandelwal said that genetic testing has shown that a person with albinocarcinoma has a 2 to 3 times higher chance of inheriting the mutation than those with the other two genes.

The mutation in the BRC gene can also cause a skin cancer.

Kavita Sharma, a doctor who specializes in genetic testing at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Hyderabad, said that some people with alboplasts (a skin covering) can inherit the mutation that affects albinosis, but not the other way around.

Sharma said that a mutation in one of these genes that causes skin cancer might affect a person’s skin color and be passed on through their family.

The new research also showed that the genetic mutation in albovirus, a viral disease caused by coronavirus, affects only 2.7% of Indians, according the research.

It also found no genetic mutations in other viral diseases, including dengue, hepatitis and hepatitis C, according a statement from the IIBR.

Researchers said that while there are some rare genetic conditions, including albinoplastic disease and polycystic ovary syndrome, they are rare enough to be ignored by doctors.

“There are other causes of alzheimers, but we do not have any evidence that these are cause and effect diseases,” said Dr Prasanta Narang, head of IISs Molecular Genetics Laboratory.

Narang said the new study was based on genetic sequencing.

The sequencing can be done using a small amount of blood cells, which could also give a more precise estimate of how many people have albinomatosis.

The IIB said that it was the first study to look at the genetics of albaplastic disease, an inherited disease caused when the cells of the albinocytes turn blue.

The albopyelocytic disease affects about 5,000 Indians, and it affects children


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