Crossroads Genetics says its $1 billion gene therapy to fight Parkinson’s disease could lead to a ‘crippling and costly’ future

By Jennifer Gertz, Bloomberg News|April 30, 2019|0A few years ago, it was hard to believe that a $500 million drug could have the potential to slow down the devastating disease that has swept across the United States.

But now, as the price tag on the drug has increased, a different reality is beginning to emerge: If it does work, it could set a new standard for drugs to slow disease progression.

For one thing, the price of the drug is dropping.

In fact, the median price for a treatment for Parkinson’s, a progressive neurological disorder, fell from $8,500 in 2018 to $4,100 in 2019, according to a new study.

The drug’s price also fell from about $10,000 in 2019 to about $4.50 this year.

And the median cost for a trial of the compound, the cross-reactive version of the medication, fell to $5,100 from $11,500 last year.

The drop in price is a significant shift for a drug that has been under development since last summer and has been widely touted as the future of treating Parkinson’s.

It has already been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in people with mild to moderate Parkinson’s who have already been diagnosed and are free of other neurological problems.

But until now, it has not been widely available.

The drug is being developed by a company called Sequenom, which also makes the drug Pfizer’s cholesterol-lowering cholesterol-modifying drug.

The price drop may help spur investment in the drug’s development and could mean the drug will be on the market sooner than expected.

The price drop could also help spur further innovation, as companies seek to better tailor the treatment to their patients and better target their own patients.

The company said it expects to spend $50 million this year to develop the drug, which could help speed its development.

The company also expects to invest another $50.5 million over the next two years to develop its cross-referenced cross-resistant variant of the disease-causing protein, which has already shown promising results.

The study is based on data from a small, non-profit company called GW Pharmaceuticals, which made the drug.

In addition to GW, the study is led by Pfizer.

In a news release, GW said the drug “has the potential of reducing the duration and severity of symptoms of moderate to severe Parkinson’s.”

But it said the drugs could be useful for people who are not yet well-treated or are too advanced to benefit.

“If it does prove successful in treating Parkinson, we are excited to have the opportunity to develop new drugs that address Parkinson’s as an important public health priority,” said CEO Andrew Fung.

The Drug Discovery Center at the University of California San Francisco and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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