How the World of TV Is Changing and What It Means for You

Now Playing: Why the ‘Super Bowl of Horror’ is now the Super Bowl of Comedy Now Playing, ABC’s new sitcom, ‘Black-ish’: What you need to know about the series Now Playing ‘Black and White’: A look at the series finale of ‘Black’ Now Playing Trump’s controversial Twitter ban: ‘I just hope it never happens again’ Now Play: ‘Black & White’ Season 3 premieres on Hulu Now Playing The ‘Bachelor’ season 25 finale: What you missed Now Playing Why Trump’s tweets are dangerous Now Playing Donald Trump is on vacation with family Now Playing Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager’s tweets reveal a darker side of her now Now Playing What it is like to work with Donald Trump Now Playing Here’s how Trump and Clinton are still trying to fix their relationship Now Playing How the ‘Bachelorette’ and ‘The Bachelor’ are changing America Now Playing Kanye West is the new Kanye West Now Playing Watch as Trump unveils new ‘Make America Great Again’ hats Now Playing It’s ‘America’s First Lady’ to headline the Women’s March on Washington Now Playing Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ goes viral Now Playing Is Donald Trump a narcissist?

Here’s what he’s saying about the president Now Playing Kate Upton to appear on ‘Dr. Oz’ show Now Playing Ivanka Trump will launch Ivanka Trump Entrepreneurial Training Center Now Playing Where did Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, come from?

Now Playing Who will be the next first lady?

Now Play Trump will meet with the widow of the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting Now Playing Will Donald Trump’s inauguration be disrupted?

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