How to make the perfect wedding dress

There are many ways to dress your wedding, and if you’re in the mood for a bolder take on the traditional look, check out our expert guide to wedding dresses.

Whether you’re going the bridal route or just looking for a little something different, here are our tips to help you dress up your wedding day.


Don’t be afraid to go all-out.

While it’s tempting to opt for something a little bit more casual than your usual day, be sure to keep in mind that some of the traditional styles can be hard to pull off.

“The more you look at traditional wedding dresses, the more you realize there’s so much more to it than meets the eye,” said Stephanie Kamm, a wedding dress designer and the creator of the bridesmaid dresses category at Glamour.

“I think it’s important to be able to walk into your own wedding with something a bit more traditional.”

So when planning your wedding with a different style, ask yourself: What will it look like to wear?

The simple answer is that it’ll look great.

But it won’t always be exactly what you want, which can make for some very unexpected looks.

So to make sure you’re fully prepared for whatever you’re about to wear, consider these tips for wedding dresses: If you’re not planning to wear traditional wedding dress, consider this tip: Instead of wearing a traditional gown, get a simple dress that fits your body.

You can try something like a blouse or skirt that goes down to your knees or a dress with an extra long skirt.


Use the same style throughout your bridal party.

For a classic wedding, you’ll want to use a simple, casual style that will appeal to the most traditional of brides.

But for more adventurous types, look for a more bolder look.

A gown with a high back can be a little more formal, while a dress that shows off the shoulders or neckline can be bolder than a simple lace gown.


Use a matching dress.

When choosing a brides dress, look at everything from the length and width of the gown to the fabric and color of the dress.

If you plan on wearing a formal wedding, consider how it looks on someone who’s going to be a big part of your ceremony.

If your dress is a bit of a head-turner, consider the amount of time you have to wear it, such as at an after-party, during a reception, or in a reception after the wedding.

If the bride’s a little too nervous about showing off her body, try pairing a simple wedding dress with a slightly more casual gown.


Wear it as a gift.

While the bride might not be able help but notice, you can always use the same dress to give to someone else, said Kamm.

For example, you might pair a short, simple, plain dress with something more romantic and fancy.


Use lace to create a more elegant look.

The classic wedding dress can be very practical, so try pairing it with a simple and flattering lace dress.

For more sophisticated styles, opt for a simple one-piece, lace dress, which adds a touch of elegance to your day.


Get something extra for your reception.

The best way to add a bit something special to your wedding is to buy something for your guests to share, said Kristin Clements, a designer and wedding coordinator at the Wedding Venue.

For the brisbane wedding in 2013, she added, guests shared a special cake, flowers, and other items.

The wedding planners chose to do a very special event with the bride and groom and had everything in a special color and with a big, colorful backdrop.


Take inspiration from the traditional wedding.

“When you’re talking about something that’s a bit different, that’s when you should look for inspiration from traditional wedding gowns,” said Kopp, who also advises couples to try out their own wedding dresses at home and find out what they like best.

You might also want to look for dresses that are a little lighter or less formal, she said.

“Some of the classic brides gowns are very conservative, and I think if you go for something bold, you could have something that kind of goes against what you’re looking for.”

If you need some help deciding what you like to dress up, check with your local wedding venue or find a stylist.

You’ll also want a few basic tools to help with coordinating and finishing your wedding: a bridal bag, a bouquet, a ring, a bride mirror, a dressmaker’s palette, and some accessories for your hair.


Use an eye-catching ring.

“It’s not a dress, it’s a ring,” Kamm said.

To make it even more appealing, she suggests pairing a ring with a blinged out floral design or a simple floral arrangement.

“Make it more romantic,” she added.

“Just add something fun and sparkly to


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