Trump’s Blue Eyes Genotype Makes Him More Attractive

Breitbart News reports: The Trump campaign has announced a new genetic test that they claim will allow Trump voters to know if they’re the offspring of a blue-eyed person or not.

The new test, which was revealed by the Trump campaign on Thursday, says that in addition to having blue eyes, Trump voters with blue eyes are more likely to be female than the general population.

A Trump voter in the New Hampshire primary has been told that the candidate has a high probability of having blue-eyes.

If this were the case, the voter would be able to tell whether Trump voters have a genetic variant that causes blue-eye or not and the candidate could avoid being branded as a racist or a bigot.

The candidate’s candidate identification number would also indicate whether the candidate is a true Trump voter.

Trump’s campaign, however, has been mum on the specifics of the test.

In a statement to Breitbart News, a spokesperson for the Trump team said that the team is “working on a new test” that is a part of a larger effort to track the candidate’s DNA.

“The candidate’s genetic profile is a matter of public record, and we have been doing everything possible to find out if he has blue eyes,” the spokesperson said.

“There are many reasons why he may be considered a Trump voter, but the candidate and his supporters deserve full disclosure about what we know about him.”

The spokesperson did not say when or how the test would be rolled out.

Trump is the only major party candidate in the 2016 presidential race to not release his tax returns, a decision that many Republicans say was prompted by concerns about his finances and his use of a charity to pay for private planes.

The New York Times reported that Trump has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities and political groups over the years.

Trump has also been criticized for not releasing his tax information during the 2016 election, which resulted in his losing the popular vote.

The Trump campaign said that in a new poll, more than half of Trump voters believe that he’s a genetic “champion” of the blue-eared tribe.

The team added that more than 90 percent of the respondents said that they were not offended if Trump was wearing blue-rimmed glasses.

The Trump team also noted that Trump is a popular figure in the community, with more than 80 percent of Trump supporters saying they believe he is “a person of high integrity.”

The Trump camp is planning a big event for Saturday, with Trump and other GOP presidential candidates scheduled to take part.

Trump also announced that he is planning to attend the National Prayer Breakfast on March 1, which will be attended by the Vice President, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and many of his top advisors.


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