Why are genetic engineering companies such a hot property?

Genetic engineering companies are such a big deal that they’ve earned their own term, genetic engineering, which describes the technology that they develop.

It’s also the industry’s most buzzed-about business segment, and a big reason why companies like GE and Syngenta (SYNN), the world’s two biggest biotech companies, have a large presence in the country.

So it’s no surprise that genetic engineering company executives are very busy trying to capitalize on the technology.

In a recent interview with Forbes, GE president and CEO John Gamble said he hopes to have a fully licensed gene editing technology by 2020.

Syngentys chief technology officer Matt Poulsen said he wants to see the company’s technology ready for the general public by 2020, when its patent application for gene editing is due.

And both GE and SYN are in the gene editing business.

GE announced plans last year to enter the gene-editing business and Syntech’s cofounder, Dr. Stephen King, said last month he’s optimistic that the company will begin offering its gene editing service in 2020.

There’s another gene-based genetic technology that’s been gaining traction as well.

The BioMarin Gene-Chip is an approach to gene editing that uses the DNA from a virus or bacteria, called a microbe, to edit a particular gene.

The microbe itself is a bacterial cell.

The technique uses a small amount of genetic material called a transcriptome to create a copy of the gene that can be easily edited in a laboratory.

Gene editing companies are trying to develop a gene-chip to replace the human genome.

The company, BioMarina, is developing a chip that’s made of genetically modified DNA that would be inserted into the human body, and it has plans to begin commercializing the technology this year.

The chip would not be used for gene therapy.

A few years ago, companies like Syngencex (SYNI) and Genesys (GENESY) started to market gene-edited technology.

The companies are looking to commercialize the technology to help treat patients with genetic diseases like cancer, and they’re also hoping to use the technology for gene correction in humans.

But the gene chips are only part of the genetic engineering industry.

Genetic engineering firms are also developing gene-injection devices, which inject genes into the body through a needle or syringe.

These devices are a relatively new type of genetic engineering technology, and companies like BioMarinas and Synterms are hoping to get a foothold in the field.

While the gene chip has a relatively short shelf life, the gene injection device is expected to have longer shelf life and could become a big business, experts say.

Genesy is developing an injection system that could be used in humans for at least 10 years.

BioMarins chief financial officer and cofounder Steve Wojcik said in an interview with Fortune that the technology is “going to be the next big thing” for genetic engineering.

The industry is booming.

The annual biotech research and development (BR&D) spending in the United States last year reached $3.2 billion, up more than 12% from the previous year, according to a study by consulting firm Citi.

The research and engineering spending is expected be $3 billion to $5 billion this year, a big jump from the current $2.6 billion.

That’s largely because the number of biotech companies has grown to more than 300, and the industry is projected to grow at an annual rate of 3% to 4% in the next decade, according the report.

That’s good news for companies like Genesyn, which is developing its gene-punching gene-swarming gene-masking technology.

Gene-maskers can be used to identify genes that cause disease, and researchers are already using gene-targeted gene-disruption drugs to treat genetic disorders.

Genemasking can also help identify specific genes that can cause cancer, which could be an advantage for biotech companies in the near future, said Genevieve Lassalle, director of the Center for the Bioengineering of Genes and Development at Duke University.

It’s a lot easier for companies to get access to gene-modified genes, she said.

That could help stem the growth of genetic-engineering companies like GENESY, which has a small gene editing and gene-sorting business.

Genetically modified genes have already been used to treat rare diseases in animals.

“The technology is getting faster, cheaper, and easier to develop,” said Geneviève Gareau, senior research scientist at the National Institutes of Health.

“The fact that it’s getting so much traction is a huge positive for the gene industry.”

Gene-injecting devices are already being used to make vaccines, which are not currently available for the market.

Genetics and the microbiome play a role in developing these


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