How to help find your ‘right’ genetic test

Genetic testing kits are becoming a more popular option for testing, but some people might be disappointed to find out that the tests aren’t 100 per cent accurate.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has launched a new initiative, called the Genetics of the Future (GFT), to help consumers make informed decisions about their genetic tests.

As part of the GFT, a kit of DNA tests from the US company Genome Diagnostics is available to all Australian customers.

While the kits come with a range of tests that can help you identify certain genetic variations in your genes, they are often not 100 per or 100 per per cent specific.

In many cases, they just tell you the genetic code and don’t offer a whole lot of specific information about the genes.

However, that hasn’t stopped some people from having serious concerns about the accuracy of their genetic testing kits.

“I’ve never seen a kit with a specific test that wasn’t 100 or 100 percent accurate,” one customer told ABC News.

A spokesperson for Genome said the new kit is designed to offer a more accurate representation of the genetic sequence, which will enable people to make better informed decisions on their genetic test.

But the GCTF team is aware of this issue, and they want to encourage people to think about their own testing.

“People can make a decision based on what they’ve read in the media,” the spokesperson told ABC.

Genome Diagnostic has also partnered with Australian university universities to create an online test to test for the genes that make people vulnerable to depression.

You can find out more about the GDT at the Australian Bureau.

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