Which genes are responsible for human fertility?

By David Dees/Getty ImagesWhen you think of genes that control fertility, you probably think of a couple of things.

The first is the genes that determine your sex.

But genes also play a role in the growth and development of the embryo.

So we know from the studies of the Human Genome Project that a large portion of the genes associated with male fertility are related to the X chromosome.

For example, the X-linked gene for the enzyme called cyclin D1, which is involved in the formation of sperm, has been linked to male fertility in a number of studies.

Another important X-chromosome gene, called Xq28, has also been linked with male infertility.

This is a rare genetic condition that affects only about 1 in 100,000 men in the United States, but it’s associated with a range of health conditions.

So you might think that if you’re a man who’s in your late 30s, you should be getting the best genes you can to produce a healthy embryo and avoid having any problems with fertility.

But some men have different problems.

For one, they tend to have more of a male pattern of sperm counts and less of a female pattern of motility.

This is known as male pattern baldness.

This condition also affects about 1% of men, but is much more common in men over the age of 50.

The genetic condition known as cystic fibrosis also affects some men.

The condition is caused by a mutation in the gene that codes for the protein collagen, which helps make the skin elastic and resilient.

When it’s passed along from father to son, the genetic mutation affects a specific region of the X chromosomes, which can cause the man’s testicles to fail.

When this happens, sperm can’t get to the egg.

So the embryo will have no chance of getting fertilized.

As a result, the embryo has no chance to develop normally and it’s impossible to have a healthy baby.

But the genetic condition does affect a man’s ability to have sex.

There is evidence that some men are less likely to get pregnant when they have a cystic Fibrosis mutation.

So if you have this genetic condition, it’s likely you will have less chance of having a baby than other men, as well as a higher chance of infertility.

In addition, some men who have a male mutation have an even higher rate of male infertility than men who don’t have the mutation.

So, for these men, the male gene can be a major factor in the development of male fertility.

If you have a female gene, the problem is even worse.

As with cystic Fibrosis, the woman’s mutation can cause problems with the fertilized egg.

If the woman has a mutation associated with the X chromosome, the risk of having an egg fertilized with sperm from an unrelated man increases dramatically.

For these men with the mutation, the chances of an egg being fertilized from a man with a different gene is very, very high.

So it’s important to know your genetic makeup before you decide if you’ll get pregnant or not.

The good news is that you can help determine if you will get pregnant by doing the following tests.

If your test results show you are having trouble conceiving, there are two ways you can get tested:If you are in your early 30s or older, get a semen sample from your partner to test for the presence of a genetic mutation associated a the X or Y chromosomes.

This test will reveal the presence and type of the genetic disorder.

The X-Linked mutation is the one that causes the baldness, the balding hair on your head, the thinning of the eyebrows and other features.

The X-link is linked to the disorder in 1 in 200,000 people.

If the test results come back negative, you might want to try a sperm analysis.

Sperm are a special type of cells that are produced by the female body.

They can be found in a lot of sperm.

They are made of proteins called nucleotides.

When they’re made by the body, they’re called gametes.

A gamete contains a nucleus, which contains a lot more than just DNA.

Each gamete has its own genetic material.

For example, sperm from a woman with a male gene might have the DNA of a man and a gamete from a female might have that of a woman.

These two cells come together in a sperm cell to make sperm.

The two cells form a single sperm cell.

When a sperm is fertilized, it goes into the egg and attaches to the cell nucleus.

The sperm can then be carried to the uterus, where it starts to grow.

It’s important for people with a genetic disorder to know the type of genetic mutation that they are having.

You can do this by taking a test called the FSH (functional somatic endocrinology) test.

The FSH test uses


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